If you want to book WAY more meetings with cold email, or maybe you simply want to break the all-time [fill-in-the-blank] record at your company.

There are a billion sales email tips out there. Like literally!

I’ve filtered the best data-backed tips you’ll read all year.

Tip #1: Don’t Use ROI In Cold Emails

It’s a BIG mistake to include context-less ROI numbers in your cold emails. Because it leads to a 22% decrease in success rates.

When it comes to ROI, even if prospects believe your numbers are true, they won’t necessarily find them persuasive enough to book a meeting with you.

You need to offer them context first, or no amount of data will feel meaningful. Instead, describe the tangible problem your offering solves.

That will tap into their emotions, which is how they make decisions. That’s how the human brain is wired.

Buyers make decisions based on their emotions (i.e., their context), then justify their decision with data like ROI.

Tip #2: Make It About THEM

You’re great. Your product is great. But prospects don’t care about either of those two things. Know what they DO care about? Themselves (We’re all driven by self-interest)! Here’s how to make this a habit:

  1. Remove as many “I” statements as possible
  2. Add pronouns like “you” and “your team”

Don’t: I’m reaching out because I think our product will be a great fit and drive sales.

Do: Imagine if you knew every time there was a risk in your pipeline preventing you from winning deals – and you could react immediately, saving pipeline and increasing revenue.

See the difference?

Tip #3: Keep It Short

85% of senior leaders access email on the phone.

You have a very small amount of real estate in which to capture their attention and make your point. Readers assess the amount of effort it’ll take to digest your message before they read a single word.

Avoid saying everything in the first email. While prospecting your goal is to capture interest and spark a conversation. Short emails are worth it.

Email Tip #4: It’s OK To Use Emoticons 🙂

Stat: Win rates are 2x higher when emoticons are involved.

Emoticon usage is characteristic of “warmer” sales conversations. Emoticon usage is characteristic of “warmer” sales conversations. Prospects use them twice as often.

If you’ve made it this far, you clearly care about your outbound success. But this post isn’t enough to put you at the top – not yet.

You need expert supervision to make it a muscle memory for your team. I’ve done this before and I can do it for you. Talk to me.

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