Sales Playbook

Craft a Winning Sales Playbook

The key to a unified sales process.

Most sales leaders struggle to give a resounding ‘Yes!’ when asked whether every member of their sales team delivers strong value propositions and elevator pitches that address a sales leader’s needs while building credibility and peaking interest.

WHAT to sell, WHO to sell to, and HOW to do it effectively across the entire buyer’s journey.

We deep-dive into your sales process, figure out what’s working and what not- and create a custom playbook as a go-to resource for your salespeople, outlining their roles, responsibilities, methods, tactics, and tricks.

What’s Included In a Playbook?

The sales playbook is tailor-made as per your organisational needs and objectives, though there are some key elements that tend to apply across the board.

  • Basic information about the company and products
  • Sales methodology and process
  • Use cases for various industries targeted
  • Tutorial on the etiquettes and best practices of delivering a demo
  • Tactics to get prospects to agree to a deal and sign the dotted line
  • Common objections and recommended objection handling skills

….and on and on and on.

The Benefits?

A Sales Playbook is the one-stop shop to your sales enablement journey, with innumerable advantages for the organisation as a whole.

  • Adds consistency to the sales process because the steps are clearly defined and outlined
  • Empowers sales reps to put your sales strategy into action during customer interactions
  • Makes new hire training quicker and easier
  • Frees up valuable time for sales reps
  • Helps you disseminate the most effective techniques being used on your team
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