Prospecting Playbook

Prospect The Right Way

Uncover new business opportunities and fuel your sales funnel.

Prospecting is the first, and undeniably, the toughest step of the sales process. On a good day, an SDR has a success rate of 1.5% even after 6 months of onboarding- the rejection rates are through the roof.

The Prospecting Playbook will be a bespoke, step-by-step guide to the best prospecting practices that will enable your SDRs to work independently, effectively prospect, build an incremental CXO level funnel and set up qualified meetings with a success rate of min 20%.

What’s Included In The Playbook?

If your prospecting isn’t up to scratch, the chances you’ll hit your sales targets are pretty slim. This Prospecting Playbook will help you make the best practices a part of your everyday sales DNA.

  • Guidance for SDRs to understand the ‘What’ and ‘Why’ behind the steps they take
  • Lead Qualification Criteria- Ideal Customer Profile and Sales Persona
  • Time management & cadence recommendations
  • Steps to ensure smooth handover from SDRs to Sales
  • Turn-by-turn actionable directions at each step- cold call and email pitches, follow up, etc
  • A prospecting process that is repeatable, easy to measure, and can scale with the organisation

The Benefits?

The Playbook will match your business objectives, define your customer segments, enable you to validate leads- inbound and outbound- and templatize the processes that can be measured across teams and individuals.
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