Outsourced SDR Team

Did you know that from hiring an SDR, to onboarding, to booking their first meeting can take up to 6 months, or sometimes even more? And most SDRs still struggle to stay in the Ideal Customer Profile and target the right Sales Persona.

Our sales hiring solutions help you build, manage & run high performing SDR teams. Our plug-and-play resources are trained on the BASHO Framework® and best prospecting practices, which enables them to work independently, effectively prospect, build an incremental CXO level Funnel and set up qualified meetings with a success rate of min 20%.

These resources can eventually be hired and become a part of your own team. Their solution understanding, as well as the knowledge of the entire sales process ensures that you’re not stuck with a bad resource.

Key capabilities and impact:

  1. 100% risk free sales hiring
  2. Reduced cost of operations
  3. Zero onboarding training hassle
  4. Team’s trained in the world’s most powerful prospecting technique
  5. Fully trained SDRs with the right product and sales knowledge can be acquired by you
  6. Scale up or down as per your budget, demand or time of the year
  7. Confirmed calendarized meetings with CXO level buyers
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