One of the oldest and most used smokescreens in the book is the, “We’ll get back to you” objection. So many sales reps struggle with this one because they think the prospect isn’t saying a no, and so they fail to respond to it well.

Unfortunately, what many of them later find out is that the prospect actually is saying a soft no- they’re just saying it in a way that makes it difficult for you to handle it.

Well, that will end for you today. By using the scripts below, you’ll see if your prospect really does need to think about it, or if he/she is blowing you off.

Believe me, you want to know now so you can save yourself weeks of chasing and begging a deal that will never close.

CLAIRE: “…I’ll get back to you.”

Response 1:

Claire, since we both agree this is a great chance to work together, let me do this. While we’re on the phone right now, I’ll send a case study and a few testimonials from companies just like yours and how we supported them in improving employee engagement – Would that help you evaluate us better and be more confident of us?

Response 2:

Claire, what I’m hearing from you is essentially a no – and that’s alright. As a sales rep, I hear that all the time and it doesn’t bother me. It just means I haven’t yet explained the value proposition right. Is there something I can do to convince you that this would be a good idea to move forward with?

Response 3:

You know what, Claire, I’ve been doing this for a long time. Usually, when I hear people say “I’ll get back to you”, I never hear from them again. I have a feeling you’re just being polite here– What part of the deal are you not confident about? Is it the price, the terms, or the money?

Response 4:

That’s fine, Claire. Obviously, you wouldn’t take your time thinking this over unless you were seriously interested. So, may I assume you will give it very careful consideration? Just to clarify my thinking, what phase of this opportunity is it that you want to think over? Is it the quality of the service I’ll render? Is it something I’ve forgotten to cover? Seriously, please level with me, could it be the money?

Response 5:

Claire, whenever I tell someone I need to think about it, I usually mean one of three things:

1- I’m not interested in this deal for whatever reason and I just want to get them off the phone,
2- I kind of like the idea but I’m going to have to find the money or talk to my partner, or something else is holding me back, and
3- I really like the idea and I just have to move something around before I say yes.

Which one of those things is it for you right now?

Response 6:

You know Claire, if this isn’t for you, I’d rather have a no right now- believe me, I understand if this is not the right time for you. We can maybe come back to it in 6 months. I’d love to get an opportunity to work with you.

Leverage these scripts the next time you get the “I’ll get back to you” objection and you’ll find that you cut to the chase and improve your closing ratio.

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