Who Needs Sales Training?


Even if your team is full of experienced, top campaigners who live, breathe, and sleep sales, training them is one of the most important investments you’ll make for your business’ success.. A vague idea that training equals success isn’t enough of a reason to pull your reps off the floor to train them. Here are the real reasons.

1. You’ll improve customer experience

Customer needs have grown more sophisticated; they’re more motivated by value than price. One of the top challenges sales teams face when it comes to customers is the expectation that a sales rep be a trusted advisor. The last thing your ideal prospect needs right now is a transitional sales rep, pushing through slides.

2. New hire productivity

Depending on your avg. ticket size, usually a new hire takes about 3- 6 months to become fully productive and land their first deal. However, with structured sales training, their understanding of modern and sophisticated methods of approaching, qualifying, and selling to potential customers is accelerated. Utilising the SalesEdge New Hire Sales Foundation Course – Mentor Graphics reduced their new hire productivity time by 50%.

3. Virtual sales cycle

Virtual is the new local. COVID19 has literally turned every field sales rep into a virtual salesperson. Enabling sales people in the art of managing the entire sales cycle without being in front of the client is going to be critical. The complexity has increased 10X and sales professionals need to quickly embrace this change or they will be at the risk of becoming redundant. We trained 200 sales pros at Cisco on how to sell Value remotely.

4. Trained Sales= More Revenue

The credibility of a salesperson is the most important factor influencing a B2B buyer. Your company can’t move forward if one of the most important aspects of your business is standing still. The truth is, the best of your competitors train their sales teams regularly, and if you don’t join them, you’ll fall behind. We’ve helped 80% of reps at Gartner achieve 100% of their quota since 2012.

5. You can’t do it inhouse

Let’s face it, training sales is a specialised task. We have invested years in studying, developing, and delivering programs like Consultative and Value Selling, Effective Prospecting, Inside Sales, Strategic Account Management, etc. These complex topics not only require subject matter expertise but also an experienced facilitator who understands the nuts and bolts of B2B sales.

Regular training doesn’t have to break the bank or pull your reps off the floor for very long. In fact, short, low-key sessions are far more effective.

The bottom line is that empowering your team with the right training and tools for success, you’ll leave your competition in the dust.

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