Improving Forecast Accuracy & Negotiating on Value

The client is one of Asia’s largest digital transformation solution providers with over 30,000 employees in 30 countries, making boundless real impact through transformation.


The sales professionals there were not able to forecast the possibility, timeline and value of the potential sales opportunities, resulting in high revenue estimates & committing unrealistic targets. Moreover, they were not able to discount lead negotiations, which led to losing huge dollars and hurting the revenue targets. 

The sales leaders wanted to find the “Why” behind these problem statements, resolve and course correct the practises followed by the team without further delay and improve the forecast accuracy by at least 65% and increase average deal size.

MRI & Solution:

We ran an assessment on the client’s sales structure and identified the gaps to be filled, the emergencies to be handled & recommended our flagship sales enablement workshop on Value and Consultative Selling framework in order to meet the sales targets with accurate forecasting. 

The concerned sales professionals were trained in a 3-days facilitator lead sales training workshop which was tailor made and role play based. Using our custom content, the team practised on how to sell and negotiate on value with the price sensitive customers in a tough economy, lose minimum dollars on the table and increase the average deal size. 

They were also coached on keeping in check the crucial components of any sales cycle, timely identifying the gaps and taking corrective actions to close a deal.

With SalesEdge’s Consultative & Value based Selling framework, they witnessed 70% forecast accuracy and also increased their average deal size by 45% in just 2 months.

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