Generating 3X Leads in 45 Days

The client is an insights-led customer engagement platform for the customer-obsessed marketers and product owners. With their full-stack solution consisting of powerful customer analytics, AI-powered customer journey orchestration, and personalization, one can analyse customer behaviour and engage them with personalised communication across the web, mobile, and email.


The client faced a low return rate on their bulk outbound reach outs. The dependency of the sales professionals increased on the inbound enquiries as they’re unable to generate their own leads. Although the reach outs were huge in number, there was no personalisation to catch the prospect’s attention. 

With the Ctrl [C + V] approach, they were not able to gain the attention of C-suite buyers, build a connection and pitch the value of the solution in a structured & consultative way.

As internal training failed to resolve the challenge, they wanted to bring in an external expert to handle the concern and improve the return rates of their outbound reach.

MRI & Solution:

They partnered with SalesEdge and we mutually aimed at enabling their team to adopt a prospecting approach which is structured, scalable and repeatable over time. We collaborated on SalesEdge’s BASHO Framework for Effective Prospecting.

In the 2-days facilitator led sales training workshop, the team got their hands on how to run effective first calls, make hyper-customised emails and LinkedIn presence to gain the attention of the right buyers and hear back on their outbound reach outs.

With the help of on-job reinforcement, the team witnessed a 35% increased return rates on their outbound reach outs within the 45 days of the program and decreased their dependencies on inbound enquiries.

The client also engaged further by partnering with us to train their sales teams on consultative selling, as well as key account management techniques

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