Building a 5X Funnel in 2 Months

The client is the leading provider of cloud-based Human Resources Management Software (HRMS). The enterprise HR Technology Platform has grown by 300% since 2019, and has even raised a Series D funding to fuel further growth.


The persistent growth introduced the company to the biggest challenge- A Qualified Funnel.

The opportunities to crush the annual numbers were very less and building a qualified C-Suite funnel was the need of the hour. It became very clear that managing the growth would require a new prospecting approach, one which will enable their sales team to gain the attention of CXOs, build a qualified incremental pipeline and is structured, consultative and repeatable in nature.

They wanted to overcome the challenge with no delay and create at least a 5x funnel in the next 60 days to stay ahead of the competition and achieve 110% of their annual numbers.

MRI & Solution:

We deep dived their solution and created super customised content keeping in mind their sales scenario, challenges of the reps on field and leadership’s vision.

Learning began with the sales professionals taking an online course on the basics of B2B prospecting before the 2-day facilitator led workshop. The Case study based and role play centric workshop helped the reps practise the pitches in a safe environment before calling up 20 real prospects in the second half of the day.

The workshop was followed by the On-Job reinforcement in 2 weeks, a “Blitz day” activity where the participants participated in an intense 8 hour prospecting session using the SalesEdge Consultative Prospecting Framework (BASHO) to ensure that the best practices learnt were sustained.

Not only did they end up booking 5X confirmed meetings but also went on to build an $18 mil funnel in just a month.

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