Outsourcing Demand Generation

The client is a question and answer platform holder for professional and enthusiast programmers. This enterprise knowledge management and collaboration solutions provider deals in both products and services with more than 37 million questions answered, and 120 million monthly visitors.


Although the services part of business was doing well, they realised the core Saas collaboration product is missing the overall revenue contribution. The reason behind this was the inability of the team to generate leads, get past the keepers and build incremental qualified opportunities. Training the teams and course correcting them seemed difficult standing at the edge of the quarter.  

After uncovering the gaps, they knew it was the time to introduce a third party inside sales support in order to meet their revenue quotas and build enough qualified opportunities to be taken ahead.

MRI & Solution:

They partnered with SalesEdge and outsourced the demand generation for them. 

To begin with, we underwent a deep understanding of their product, target market, right buyers and all the related components. Later, we started creating effective pitches, databases, LinkedIn profiles for social selling and gaining value perception in the eye of the right buyer by sharing relevant content. We took a pitch trial on 100 odd prospects to test the messaging and course correct on time. 

Post that, a 360° approach with a minimum of 5-6 touch points was followed for each prospect, our BASHO framework played a key role in getting past the gatekeepers and gaining the attention of senior decision makers. Monthly and weekly reports were shared as part of the cadence for transparency in the activities and process.

Within 5-7 weeks of onboarding, they begin getting 2X qualified CXO level appointments with the first level value creation. They not only crushed their sales number, but also overachieved the targets by 110%. 

Later, the whole team there was trained on SalesEdge’s Effective Prospecting Framework.

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