Unclogging Potential Closure Pipeline

The client is a Fortune 100 global leader operating in digital media and digital marketing solutions, where growth came from an aggressive expansion of their solution portfolio and a proficient sales team.


In recent times, their buyer profile evolved in complexity, and the decision process began to include more business stakeholders. Moreover, the sales process was transactional in nature, which was the reason behind 70% of their deals stuck in a no decision outcome as the team was unable to gain the value perception in front of senior decision makers.

They wanted to enable the whole team to adopt a unified & consultative sales approach, shift to a transformational value based way to sell & improve their win rate by a minimum of 25%.

MRI & Solution:

They partnered with SalesEdge to improve their sales teams’ ability to engage their prospects and clients by adopting a consultative approach to their sales and account management strategy. Delivered using a blend of e-learning – gamified facilitator lead workshop, we helped them to build a unified sales process across the company.

The workshop was made more engaging when we asked their VP-Sales & the CSO of partner company to do a buyer role play in order to create real life sales scenarios for the team to learn how to engage CXO level buyers in a two-way dialogue, sell the value of their solutions in a virtual sales model & improve the closure ratio.

The workshop was followed by an intense on-job reinforcement for 3 quarters. We handheld the participants into adopting the best practices and make them a part of their everyday sales DNA. It included: Custom Webinars, Live calls, Blitz Day, Creating Account Plans, Deal Coaching, Customised Templates and Toolkits.

This engagement reduced their sales cycles, unclogged the potential pipeline and improved the win rate by 33%.

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