Selling The Value of Your Solutions in a Virtual Sales Model

The client is a globally recognised software development company. They have over 80 million users worldwide, 55+ products that aid your sales and marketing, support and collaboration, finance, and recruitment needs.


As pandemic was hitting every type of business in some ways, it affected them in terms of shifting their sales approach from in person discussion and connection building  to virtual selling. 

As the sales discussions were now conducted virtually on phone calls, video meetings, the need for adapting a virtual sales model was a must. 

The executive of sales aimed at enabling the teams on a consultative & value based selling approach to sell the value of their solutions in a virtual sales model and build credibility in the eye of senior decision makers.

They decided to introduce an outside support by partnering with SalesEdge to encounter the deficiency.

MRI & Solution:

We spent 3 weeks understanding, studying and assessing their business, people & process. Based on that, we created custom content like caselets, workbooks, case studies, deal prompters, etc keeping in mind the core business objective. 

With a high on adrenaline practical sales training workshop, a new sales approach was born within their team. Real life based sales scenarios were depicted to showcase and train the team on live possible cases. 

Separate manager’s coaching workshop was also delivered enabling them to effectively coach the team and drive the reinforcement. Following which, a dedicated SalesEdge account specialist worked for them on their live projects to help execute the best practice alongside the team. 

This not only enabled them to sell in a virtual sales model, but also opened the door of overseas attraction to come in and engage them in a two-way dialogue.

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