Improving The Discovery Call to Closure Ratio By 65%

The client is a premier digital technology solutions company built on the premise of disruptive innovation and has unlocked digital-driven success to global enterprises across CPG, Retail, BFSI, F&B, Manufacturing & Distribution, and Life Sciences industries.


They were on toes to plan and scale when they realised that the customer facing teams were way too transactional while engaging the senior decision makers in a two-way dialogue and unable to discover prospect’s business issues and emergencies due to an outdated sales approach.

They wanted to fix the challenge, move to a consultative way of selling and create the value perception to improve the discovery call to closure ratio by at least 40%.

MRI & Solution:

They planned a 2 day intense & gamified facilitator led sales training program with SalesEdge where all the customer facing teams like Pre Sales, Solution Architects and Delivery were coached on the Consulting Mindset Framework. The program covered in detail how to run effective discovery calls, uncover the prospect’s pain points, align the capabilities of the solution with buyer’s challenges and provide a tailored solution.

A custom role play based on- job reinforcement was designed to sustain the consultative behaviour in the team. Real life sales complexities were role played and the team learnt how to engage the C-Suite in a conversation, which led to creating value perception of their solutions in a consultative solutioning way.

Within 20 days of the sales training workshop, a behavioural change was visible within the team and they improved their discovery call to closure ratio by 65%.

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