Transforming Customer Facing Tech Teams

The Client is a Leading Conversational CX Automation Platform since 2016 which works with 1000+ Global Enterprise Customers with 1B+ Platform Conversations Quarterly.


In recent years, customer facing tech teams like Pre-sales, Solution Architects, Delivery Managers, Business Analyst, etc. have evolved as the clients now expect them to not just provide the technical know-how, implementation support but also to grow their business, uncover the pain points and provide a tailored solution.

The client realised that a unified and consultative client engagement process is an immediate area of focus to scale & grow. Since the ability to sell, manage their accounts, and ask business-level questions doesn’t come naturally to these roles, there was an urgent need to enable the teams to come across as trusted advisors to the clients.

MRI & Solution:

In November 2021, prior to the facilitator-led 3-day sales training workshop, the participants enrolled in an e-learning course on the consultative mindset.

After diving into the solution, workshop material like participant workbooks, caselets, toolkits and templates, etc were prepared according to their real sales scenario and the ground level challenges faced by the team.

In the tailor made workshop, the team learned how to create powerful conversations and deliver solutions based on the client’s key objectives. With case studies and role play exercises, the team adopted a consultative solutioning approach & bring the behavioural change to:

  • Engage C-suite in a two-way dialogue and uncover their pain points.
  • Align the capabilities of the solutions to the buyer’s top business objective.
  • Create a holistic business strategy for value creation.

The workshop was followed by an intense on-job reinforcement for 3 quarters including  Custom Webinars to ensure the adoption of best practices.

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